With TRA, Once Blind, Now He Sees!

An amazing testimonial from Layla on TRA and diabetic improvement!

“My client, Mr. Ton***, aged 59, is a diabetic for more than  25 years. He has taking diabetic pills since last 25 years and also taking jab insulin for the last few years. My client lost one of his eyesight December, 2010 due to a very high sugar level in his blood and went completely blind in August 2011. The eye specialist said that there was nothing that they could do about it because his optic nerves damaged due to the severe diabetic condition. His kidney was also effected and doctor expected him will have to go thru dialysis.

I introduced TRA to him and this is what happen to him:

1) A week on TRA my client started to see black images.

2) 10 days on TRA he started seeing bright light and reflection on bright surface. He also started Eye Formula (from Pharmanex) around this time.

3) 10 days on TRA his sugar level start to stabilize between 6.1 – 7.1 (previously was around 15 – 18)

4) 10 days on TRA, Mr. Ton*** visited his kidney specialist and the result shows that his kidney has improved by 10% and he does not need to go thru dialysis.

5) 20 days on, he can see his blur reflection on the mirror,  can see bright colors,  can even tell that his wife was wearing flower top and white pant.

When I visited him on the 20th day of TRA, while I chit chatting with him, Mr. Ton*** even said that he can see people are playing tennis on TV.  And now is able to go to the washroom and slowly move about in the house on his own.

Mr. Ton*** with the support of his wife and son really committed to the TRA program. He takes his supplement on the dot and stick to 3333 all the time.

I hope this sharing will inspire more people, will save more life and more people will live with a better quality.

Thank you.






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