Global Business Opportunity

I can do it tooNu Skin offers the entrepreneur an opportunity to participate in a global business with globally validated and approved products.   Established in 1984, Nu Skin is a globally recognised brand with a continually growing presence worldwide.

It is important to note that the global business you choose should provide you the opportunity to focus on building your business with your team and to contribute back to the community through various outreach programs.

With Nu Skin, you can start your business with like minded team members supporting your growth and expansion.  It should be borne in mind that the wealthy form 1% of the people in the world.  And of that 1%, 74% are business owners, with 10% being CEO’s , 10% being Professionals,  and the rest being super sales people and athletes.  So join the elite 1% of the world today via the largest group in there, the business owners.

Nu Skin participates in four huge market segments.  These are weight management ($586Billion est 2014; $363B in 2009), anti-ageing ($300Billion est 2016; $170B in 2009), cosmeceuticals & beauty ($65Billion est 2013; $55B in 2009) and nutrition & supplements ($177Billion est 2013; $117B in 2009), all $ in US Dollars.   These market segments were carefully selected to maximise opportunity to provide real and effective solutions to a global market.  This in turn provides the entrepreneurs in Nu Skin the biggest opportunity in their lives to reach out and offer real and effective products and services for those looking for it.

It is a strong performer in the NYSE, and has a strong 5 year record of strong financial performance.  Today, it is recording much of its growth from Greater China.

Nu Skin is a Tiger roaring positively with strong financials, strong products and strong people and leaders. With such dynamics and fundamentals, your exposure to risk is minimal, as you do not carry inventory.  It is a well respected and recognised brand globally and the sky is the limit when you hop on to the Nu Skin rocket.