Ideal Weight

So how is ideal weight relevant to health?  Does it really matter?

It matters because we know that being over weight will have a negative impact on us, most importantly on our health.  With our body working harder and harder to overcome the weight load, our body will start to suffer.  And our health will start to go.  We will talk more more on this in the topic of Obesity Issues.

We gain weight in two areas.  Weight gained from building muscle especially through weights training, and weight gained from fat stored in our body.   So do you know which part of the body you should focus on to reduce to reach the ideal weight?

Successful Weight ManagementIn order to reduce weight, we need to know our correct or ideal weight. What would this number be for you? And knowing this ideal weight, can we actually achieve that target?

If its a target, then its a plan to work towards to.  A weight loss management plan.  And what types of plans are there to get us to that goal?  And once we achieve our ideal weight, can we maintain and hold on to that ideal weight?  For how long might you ask?  This is called permanent weight reduction.  And the reason why weight loss management is so important.

The question that begs to be asked is and most of us forget about this part, is, how did we get overweight in the first place?  What did we do or didn’t we do that got us into this weight gain mode?

We tend to make assumptions and rationalize that we eat too much or don’t exercise enough.  Is this really the reason?

We need to understand how we got to where we are today to be able to attain permanent weight loss.  Otherwise it’ll be a yo-yo trip with rebounds, losing it and then putting it all on again plus a little bit more.