Weight Loss Successes

Weight loss successes in Malaysia with before and after data and photos.  You are not alone in this journey with the right approach to weight management.

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And please fill in the form on the right to access the private area.  Here are the additional details of success stories of individuals from Malaysia and Taiwan.   Like we say, You are not alone.

Tan Chin Leng
42 years old, Businessman

Before TRA After TRA Total Difference
Weight 80.5 kg 71.0 kg 9.5 kg
Fat 26.0 % 19.5 % 6.5 %

Echo Lim
30 years old, Entrepreneur

Before TRA After TRA Total Difference
Weight 65.0 kg 57.0 kg 8.0 kg
Fat 30.0 % 23.7 % 6.3 %