Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs in Malaysia are mostly seen to be offered by fitness or slimming centres with hospitals catering to the obese that are clinically at risk.  TRA is a holistic weight loss program offered by Nu Skin in Malaysia.

The better established fitness and slimming centres have professional and well trained and certified personnel.   The equipment they use are of international standard.

Fitness centres in general focus on exercises to drive weight loss.  The well established ones with a good reputation, focus on fitness and have programs that rotate a person through various exercise routines. Their fitness programs are tailored for your needs such as building heart fitness or just getting into an exercise routine from a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness centres in Malaysia do provide some guidance on diet plans and measurements.

Slimming centres in Malaysia are the common weight loss solutions for the busy Malaysian.  The well established and reputable ones have well developed weight loss programs that focus on mobilising body fat through electro-mechanical means via machines.  They use infra-red radiation, radio waves, pad electrodes, ultrasonics combined with a variety of creams and gels to achieve the weight loss goals.  There are thermal wraps to sweat you and mobilise the fat.  These various methods do work for the short term, especially if you were to follow their diet recommendations.  They also have a pleasant and soothing interior to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Both fitness and slimming centres do get busy especially at peak hours.  So make sure you check out the centre’s appointment books to ensure the availability of the sessions you are planning on, and it it fits into your schedule.

Typically, most of these weight loss programs focus on one prime modality for weight loss. Essentially the focus is centred on either exercise, slimming machine, slimming creams, weight loss diets or weight loss supplements.  The other solutions then stay at the periphery of their focus.  A holistic approach combining all five factors per below is tough to find.

We need to remember that the research on obesity issues and the causes of obesity has laid out the path that we should take to ensure permanent weight loss.  To recap, the following are the key ingredients of a weight loss program that scientific research has pointed out:

  1. Stress Control
  2. Sugar Craving Control
  3. Visceral Fat Burner
  4. Empathetic Support Group
  5. Lifestyle Change

As you can see, these programs offered by the fitness and slimming centres are not holisticly complete in their approach, unlike the hospitals and TRA.  It should be noted that the hospitals focus primarily on weight loss for the obese who are at significant health risk.